FEEDLOTfor the purpose of this competition, a feedlot will be one with a required number of head of beef cattle – that are fed in confined pens with permanent fence lines and bunks for a minimum of 135,000 head days.


QUALIFIED ENTRANTSMust be owners or managers in an active capacity or full time employee or corporate employee, contract laborer, who spend a minimum of 40 hours a week at a Specified Yard or Company with

a Feed Yard Division who participates on a daily basis in the feedlot as it is defined in Rule # 1 as of January lst and all other working days prior to the National Finals.  Also eligible are Independent, Private Consultants and Farriers

with verified minimum earnings of $5,000 from a qualified feedyard during the prior year January 1 through December 31 and continue to provide the same service during the current year.  Brand Inspectors may also be eligible

providing they work verified current, repeat feedyard assignments.

2(A) Entrants will be allowed a 2 week grace period to change employment from one feedlot to another.


2(B) If the Corporate Office is not located in the designated region, then said employee can choose the Region in which to participate based on the location of one or more feedyards.

2(C) Also included will be the spouse, sons and daughters of qualified entrants, provided they are living at home with the eligible owners, managers and employees.

  • The Participants’ legal spouse who is a resident of the same county in which the participants resides.  Such Spouse must have met all requirements of a valid marriage contract in the State of Marriage of such parties.

A marriage license or common law certificate may be required or joint tax returns, etc.

  • The Participants’ child who meets all the following conditions:
    • Is less than 19 years of age.
    • Is a resident of the same county in which the participant resides.
    • Is unmarried.
    • Is a natural child, step child or a child for whom legal adoption proceedings have been initiated if such child has been placed in your home, or a child who has been placed under the legal guardianship of the Participant.
    • Age requirement is waived if the child is at least 19 years of age, but less than 25 years of age and is dependent upon the Participant for support AND meets the definition of Full Time College Student,

carrying a minimum of 12 hours, or the required number of hours to be considered full time at his or her institute of learning.

    • Graduate Students will be included; however, they may not have to carry as many hours as a full time under-graduate student. .
    • The age requirement above is waived for any mentally retarded or physically handicapped child, provided that the child is incapable of self-sustaining employment and if chiefly dependent upon Participant for

support and maintenance.  Proof must be furnished.

2(D) We will have two categories for Life-Card membership.  They will be Feed Yard Life-Card Honorees and Sponsor Life-Card Honorees.  Those retired and formerly active IFCA members who qualify under the following

may be allowed, by the Board of Directors, to participate in the Regional Roping and National Finals as a Life-Card member.

Life Card Membership Rules:

  • 15 years as IFCA member or attending Finals.
  • Support IFCA.
  • Any previous director who has served at least 5 consecutive years.
  • Past President
  • Any roper with continuous feedlot employment and meets company retirement status.

2(E) Each region will be able to name only 2 Life-Card members each year.  Regions may nominate more, but only one will be named a Life-Card member.

2(F) Life-Card Members may qualify in any one region he or she chooses.

2(G) We will have a category for IFCA Alumni Membership for past IFCA members who have 5 years of verifiable participation at the IFCA Finals.  See Alumni Card Rules for specific details.


ELIGIBILITYQualified contestant testifies that he/she has worked in the feedyard from January 1 of the current year and all consecutive working days prior to the National Finals. Consultants, Brand Inspectors, and Farriers

must provide verifiable proof of feedyard earnings/assignment each year.

  • Knowing under penalty for falsifying this information is loss of my entry fees and also that of my partner.
  • Also this will rule myself and my partners ineligible unconditionally from IFCA contests for a period of three years.
  • All challenges must be filed with a Regional Director by a paid IFCA member.

3(A) Contestants may enter only in the region where their own feedlot is located.

3(B) Ropers must provide Regional Director with written proof of eligibility (on IFCA approved form) that is to be kept by the Director.

3(C) The Regional Director will have the final decision on eligibility and will certify all qualified entrants for the National Finals.


MEMBERSHIP – A $20.00 Annual Membership Fee will be due at the first regional roping from all contestant, including spouses and dependents.

  • Life-Card Members will pay a $20.00 Annual Fee that will go directly into the Scholarship Fund.
  • Life-Card spouses and dependents must pay the $20.00 IFCA Annual Membership Fee.
  • Alumni Card Members & Dependents will pay a $40.00 Annual Membership Fee.


QUALIFYERS – Each region must have a qualifying roping.

5(A) Qualified entrants (Feedyard employees, Alumni Card Members, Life Card Members, & Sponsors) must make at least one competitive run in specified event at Regional Qualifier. Barrel racers must make one barrel run.

5(B) Each Region should have a qualifying Century roping.

5(C) All regional results and National Entry Forms with all entry fees must be postmarked two weeks prior to the start of the National Finals (The post mark date for 2014 will be June 1, 2014).


5(E) Each Region will be allowed to qualify at regional ropings 100% of all ropers and barrel racers.

5(F) Qualified entrant may enter each event five (5) times, however at least one (1) entry must be an Incentive team.  Sponsors entered in the Sponsor Draw pot may enter 6 times.

5(G) Switching ends will be allowed, provided both numbers add up to the number of the current roping.


ROPING REGULATIONSUSTRC rules shall be followed for dally roping except when superseded by IFCA Rules.

6(A) An IFCA member or Sponsor may rope at the regional and national level with an assigned number from the Regional Director only if they are not in the USTRC files as having a number.

  • If they have been assigned a number by the USTRC within the past 5 years, they will use that number.
  • USTRC Triad numbers WILL BE used.
  • For members who use a USTRC number at the regional roping, but the number changes before the finals, they will rope at the finals with the same number as used at the regional roping, with the exception of emergency changes.
  • No number under # 4 will be given by a director to a person who has not been in the USTRC system.
  • If a person has been assigned a number by a Director, that number can be changed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • A person with a current year’s USTRC card as of January lst, cannot have his number changed by an IFCA Director.
  • The Executive Committee has the final decision regarding all number classifications.
  • A roper may not compete with a number lower than a #4 without providing a current USTRC OR World Series membership card for verification

6(B) Qualified entrants may enter each event five (5) times from their home Region; an Incentive team is no longer required.

  • In any roping, each contestant, with a minimum of one (1) pre-entry from their Region, may enter that roping, two (2) additional times with any qualified contestant at the National Finals.

You must be pre-entered in a roping to be eligible for the additional runs in that roping.

  • Entry deadlines for the additional runs will be set by the Board of Directors before the National Finals.

6(C) All ropings at the Finals will be two loops with the back gate open.

6(D) All ropings at the Finals will be 5 head progressive on one (1) head, with all qualified, eligible teams advancing to the short go, with the exception of the Sponsor Draw Pot Roping.

The Sponsor’s Draw Pot will be 4 head progressive on 1.

Rules regarding Specialty Ropings will be determined by the Board of Director.

6(E) The Incentive ropings will end at the completion of the 4th go. 

6(F) There will be a 5 second penalty for breaking a barrier.

6(G) There will be no cross fires.

6(H) Re-run steers will be taken at the end of the go-round.

6(I) Only a person 50 years old and older or a woman may tie on.  Back end only.

6(J) A person 14 years or younger as of January 1, will be considered a Junior Partner in the #9 Roping.  Proof of age will be required.


NATIONAL FINALS ROPING – Ropings are as follows:

#14 SLIDE – PLUS 1 ½ second up per number with no cap and MINUS 1 ½ second down per number to a #11, for a possible total off of 4 ½ seconds.

  • #11 #  9 Incentive
  • #  9 # 7 Incentive (Jr/Sr Incentive AND Mixed Incentive for prize only)
  • #10 Century Roping – 2 second slide up and down
  • #11      Sponsor Draw Pot Roping –  2 second slide up and down ~ 4 head progressive on 1 ~ Open to any National Finals Sponsor (Does not require qualifying at a Regional Roping)
  • Cowboys may enter Draw up to 4 times, $25 each run.
  • Sponsor draws 4 runs for $100.  Entries will close at the end of the 1st round of the #11.
  • These Draws will be posted and the Sponsors may enter 2 additional “pick” times by the end of the 1st round of the Sponsor Draw Pot Roping.
  • Contestants chosen as an additional “pick” must be entered in the Sponsors Draw Pot Roping prior to being “picked” as an additional run.

7(A) Entry Fees for each roping are $120.00 per team, $60.00 per man per entry.

7(B) Qualified Sponsors will be allowed to rope in all ropings.

  • Grand National Sponsors may rope with a qualified IFCA member or Sponsor from more than one region (subject to entry rules as stated in Roping Regulations) at the National Finals, BUT must qualify by roping

in at least one Regional Roping(s).

2.  All other Eligible Sponsors MUST DECLARE the Region in which they wish to qualify and rope in.  That will be the Region they will represent during the Finals.

3.  Sponsor Barrel Racers may qualify for the Finals in any Region.

7(C) Two (2) juniors cannot be a JR/SR team in the #9 roping.

7(E) Century Ropers

  • The Century Roping will be the same format as all other ropings, 5 head progressive on 1.
  • Minimum age limit for tying on is 50 years old or a woman.  Back end only.
  • Back end tied on will have five seconds to get the rope off the horn after being flagged.
  • The Century Roping will be #10, and be handicapped as follows:
    • # 15 Team add 10 seconds
    • # 14 Team add   8 seconds
    • # 13 Team add   6 seconds
    • # 12 Team add   4 seconds
    • # 11 Team add   2 seconds
    • # 10 No additions or subtractions
    • #   9 Team deduct   2 seconds
    • #   8 Team deduct   4 seconds
    • #   7 Team deduct   6 seconds
    • #   6 Team deduct   8 seconds
    • #   5 Team deduct 10 seconds

7(F) The Sponsor’s Traveling Trophy will be awarded based on money won by Grand National and National Sponsors in all ropings and Barrel Race.

7(G) Money won by Cowboy’s in ALL ropings will be considered for awarding Feedyard Traveling Trophy.


BARREL RACING – Barrel racing will follow a 2D format with a one-half (½) second split, except when superseded by IFCA ground rules.

8(A) Qualified entrants will not be limited on the number of horses entered.

8(B) Qualified Sponsors will be allowed to run in the Open Barrel Race (Junior/PeeWee Barrels).

8(C) IFCA Open Barrel Race entry fee will be $100.00, Junior Barrel Race entry fee will be $50.00, PeeWee entry fee will be $25.00.

8(D) Open Barrel Race will be 3 runs under a 2D format, unless superseded by IFCA ground rules.

  • Junior & PeeWee barrel race will be 2 straight runs.
  • An electric eye will be used, if at all possible, conditions permitting.
  • Positions for Open Barrel Race will be drawn before each run. Jr and PeeWee Barrel Race will run in reverse order in second go.
  • PeeWee barrel racers may be assisted but will not place higher than any unassisted rider with qualified times.

8(E) A person 14 years or younger on January 1, of the current year may choose to run in the Junior Barrel Race or Open Barrel Race.  They cannot run in both.

8(F) Junior Barrel Race will be divided into categories: Youth ages 9 – 14 and Pee-Wee 8 and under.


PRIZE MONEYfor the Finals will be paid as follows:           


  • Entry Fees and added prize money will be divided with 90% for the averages, 20% of which will go to the Incentive Roping; and 10% to the first go round.
  • Places will be paid based on the number of teams entered in the roping.  Base will be 150 teams; paying 4 places in the average and 2 places in the first go round.

Places will increase 1 in the average and 1 in the go round for each 50 teams over base.

  • The Incentive Roping will pay as listed above in #2, with all Incentive Ropings ending at the completion of the 4th Go.
  • The Short Go will rope fast team down until all places are filled, using fast time of the first go round as the cut-off.   


  • 60% to Average and 40% to rounds.
  • Average money will be split with 60% to 1D and 40% to 2D.


RULE 10 

DRESS CODE – will be enforced at the National Finals in all Roping and Barrel Racing Events.

  • Full button front style shirt.
  • Sewn In Collar
  • Sewn-in long OR short sleeves.
  • Shirt MUST BE tucked in when contestant rides in roping box or enters arena for barrel race.
  • Hat or no hat OR CURRENT IFCA cap!
  • Boots or approved riding shoes with heel.


INJURY POLICYIn order to qualify to participate at the National Final, all contestants must participate at their Regional Roping.

  • In the event a contestant is injured and unable to participate in the Regional Roping, he must physically be present at the Regional Roping and pay his money for his part of the run to qualify.


GRIEVANCE COMMITTEEThe Directors shall constitute this committee.

  • Any and all challenges must be filed by a paid IFCA member.
  • All challenges must be filed prior to the first go round of any National Finals event.


SAFETY – The Board of Directors will have the final decision regarding the safety of contestants and animals.

  • The Board may excuse a contestant and their horse from competition if the Board feels they endanger the safety of themselves or others.


FINAL DECISION The Regional Director will have the final decision on eligibility and will certify all qualified entrants for the National Finals.

  • As stated in Rule 12, all challenges must be filed by a paid IFCA member.
  • In the event of any team eligibility being challenged, copies of the entries will be mailed to all Directors for their decision.
  • If a roper has qualified and a partner cannot attend, the position will be filled by Regional Director’s approval.
  • The Board of Directors will have the final decision regarding the safety of contestants